Are You Part Cyber? Cyber Space Is Changing Us

Linked In PhotoToday Cyber Space is materializing all around us, changing us, for better or for worse. We went from surfing the Net a few hours a week 15 years ago to living much of our lives in Cyber Space today. We meet up with friends on FaceTime or Skype. We order dinner with the restaurant app, read electronic books and magazines, take a virtual yoga class with an iPad app, measure our calorie intake with a smartphone app, and pay our bills with a banking app. We do most of our shopping virtually too: every large chain has a virtual presence.

We are physically connecting to and through Cyber Space too more and more. Google glasses, mileage monitors, and other cyber-linked gadgets are skyrocketing in popularity among Gen X and younger. WWII vets who never surfed the Web are connecting with specialists, surgeons, and healthcare teams hundreds of miles from their homes. A blood pressure cuff physically connects them through Cyber Space to their nurses. State-of-the-art and simple medical devices can be monitored remotely 24/7 at centralized health hubs at major medical centers. How? Through Cyber Space, of course.

So, could Ava Ex Machina soon be real? 

Well, probably not this year, but you get the picture.

Simultaneously, Cyber personas  are being spawned or built for many of us. What we do, where we do it, what we look like, what we sound like, are all being absorbed, analyzed, and compiled inside Cyber Space. New biometrics applications, such as facial recognition software; financial databases, electronic medical records, social media, and location devises are all to blame. See the related post by selecting the link on the right.

We hope you enjoy exploring Cyber Space and other issues on this website, TechnoWriter.Solution, this week.

Sending You Cyber Regards,

Susan Helen Moran


Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Defense are quickly entering the Cyber Reality Zone.  The implications for individuals and organizations working in these fields are ENORMOUS. What is changing? How, why, when, and where? We hope this website will answer some of those questions.


The new Cyber Reality Zone also is transforming our Politics, our Culture, and our Daily Lives in ways we could not have imagined even 10 years ago. The implications for individuals young and old, families, social organizations, and political parties are ENORMOUS.

The future lies somewhere between Cyber Space and Real Space. Let’s EXPLORE it together.


Looking for fun Cyber-related flicks? Check out the pilot episode of Mr. Robert. Just select the related link on the right.


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